About Us

Key To Success

At Target Success, we know that for all teachers and educators, the goal is to ensure their pupils progress and achieve their potential. Therefore Target Success have created a powerful monitoring and tracking iPad App, that allows teachers to input individualised targets and test results, to ensure their pupils learning journey is monitored in an effective way to bring about improvement.

Minimise Stress

Target Success has been designed to take the hassle out of monitoring and evaluating pupils progress and learning journey. Teachers can now use their time effectively, whilst maintaining pupil progress with our high quality monitoring and evaluating tool.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure each teacher has more time to teach, whilst ensuring effective and successful monitoring and tracking of pupils targets, to bring about pupil progress in a quick and easy way.

App Features

Document Storage

Take the hassle out of monitoring and tracking pupil targets and test results through extensive amounts of paper work.

Simply create individualised folders for each subject and class you teach, allowing you to store and monitor pupil data at the tap of a button, all in one place.

Capture Progress

The Target Success iPad App, allows you to take and upload pictures and videos - what better way to monitor and track pupil progress than a live picture or video.

Once test results are added, our iPad App will automatically calculate the grade and percentage for you.

Export Data

Target Success has integrated DropBox and email features into the Targets and Test Results screens.

The email function enables targets and test progress to be easily shared with parents, keeping them informed of their child's learning journey.